Nihat Zeybekci
Chairman Of The Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Of Trabzon

Within the framework of ôReviving the Historical Silk Roadö perspectives the new route of the world trade intensified in the Asian Region is aimed to be passed through the territories of the Black Sea Region as it was in the ancient Silk Road.

In the recent years the route of the old Silk Road has become more remarkable with high growth potential and the world richest natural gas reserves and oil deposits are located at this route. So, these countries offer very attractive opportunities in the field of trade and investment.

However, the economic relationships between the mentioned extensive route countries and other neighbour countries are not sufficient. In order to develop the economic relationships between the countries of the Silk Road route it is required to create new mechanisms and to give priorities to the challenging but not investment wise emphasized sectors. However, in order to develop the trade and investment relationships between route countries it is necessary to eliminate the impediments to investments and to arrange some activities for establishing new collaborations between businessmen of the region.

- Contribution in increasing the social welfare of the region for the purpose of the new cooperation projects to be implemented by the participant countries, institutions and organizations;
- Contribution to the activities of such regional organizations as ECOTA, BSEC etc. by introducing new cooperation projects and subjects;
- Ensuring promotion of natural, historical, touristic, cultural and archeological values of Trabzon and our country;
- Contribution to the development of the technologies and industries, pushing forward the regional tourism, trade, finance and logistic sectors;
- Supporting cooperation development of regional private sector, entrepreneurs, investors and small and medium business enterprises.